Advanced Technology

Below are brief descriptions of the latest lens technology we are satisfied to offer at Appleseed Eyecare​​​​​​​.

Selecting the right eyeglass lens depends largely on its function. From single vision lenses to progressive polycarbonate lenses, we are happy to help you find what best suits your needs. Regardless of your situation, your eye care provider can help determine what types of lenses will work best for you in terms of comfort, function, and design.


This is a digital ultra-widefield (200° view of the retina in one image) scanning laser ophthalmoscope that captures images through 2mm pupils. The image is captured in less than one second and has multiple imaging modalities available, which replaces the need for dilation of the patient’s pupils for routine exams.

Watch Optomap imaging Here.​​​​​​​

Topcon Maestro 2 OCT

Maestro2 is the user-friendly OCT-Fundus Camera system that automatically performs alignment, focus and capture with a single touch. The resulting reports enable comprehensive analysis of the macula, optic disc and anterior segment. Reports can be auto exported, quickly printed or sent to your EMR in common file formats.


Six tests in one device! Heru is an AR/VR headset device that has the mobility to test a patient in any room. Testing included with this device:
- Screening and Comprehensive Visual Fields
- Contrast Sensitivity
- Screening and Comprehensive Color Vision Testing (D-15)
- Dark Adaptation

​​​​​​​This device assists the doctor in a thorough examination in order to diagnose and treat a number of different ocular conditions and diseases, including Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration.

iCare Tonometry

The Icare tonometer is an eye pressure measuring device used in Glaucoma screening and it is based on a new measuring principle, in which a very light probe is used to make momentary contact with the front of the eye. The measurement is barely noticed by the patient and does not require anesthesia. The device not only makes IOP measuring a more pleasant experience on all patients, but it is also an important break-through for succeeding with non-compliant patients (i.e. children and dementia patients)

Schedule an appointment today and ask your doctor which lens options would be most beneficial to you in your daily life.

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