Emergency Eyecare

Did you know that if you have an eye emergency, contacting your eye doctor is often more expedient than going to the ER? If you or someone you know needs emergency eye care, immediate action is imperative.
Emergencies include:

  • Cuts, scratches, and punctures of the eye or eyelid

  • Chemical exposure

  • Red or painful eyes

  • Eye infections

  • Foreign objects in the eye

  • Sudden vision loss of or in one or both eyes

  • Sudden onset of floaters or flashes of light.

In the moments before your contacting one of the doctors, in certain situations, there are some things you can do immediately:
For chemical exposure, flush the eyes with water for 15 minutes, and do not cover them.
Avoid rubbing any foreign objects in the eye, and try to gently rinse it away.
Gently apply a cold compress to prevent swelling if your eye has received a blow.

These visits will be filed with your medical insurance rather than your vision plan. We will be glad to file your visit with your medical insurance, however, you will be required to pay at the time of service. During regular office hours we do our best to work patients in, there may be a $50 emergency visit fee assessed. When calling after hours, there are additional fees ranging from $75 to $125.

If you have an eye emergency, contact us at Appleseed Eyecare by calling our office at (260) 432-5502. If it’s after hours, you will have the option to get the number for the doctor on call.

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