Below are brief descriptions of the latest lens technology we are satisfied to offer at Appleseed Eyecare​​​​​​​.

Selecting the right eyeglass lens depends largely on its function. From single vision lenses to progressive polycarbonate lenses, we are happy to help you find what best suits your needs. Regardless of your situation, your eye care provider can help determine what types of lenses will work best for you in terms of comfort, function, and design.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Wearers of prescription glasses and sunglasses commonly encounter annoying glare and reflections caused by light bouncing off their lenses. This glare makes it more difficult to see, especially at night. Anti-reflective lenses reduce these reflections allowing more light to pass through to your eyes.

All lens surfaces naturally reflect light and this reflection can prevent between seven to 14 percent of the light needed for optimal vision. Wearing non-AR lenses is like trying to read a book in a dimly lit room. Since AR lenses allow more light to reach your eyes by reducing reflections, it’s like turning up the lights in a room, making it easier to see.

Crizal Prevencia

Crizal Prevencia is a No-Glare photo-protection lens that blocks out specific wavelengths of blue-violet light that increase your risk of developing macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. Crizal Prevencia offers comfortable vision while resisting glare, smudges, scratches, water, and even dust. When in the presence of blue-violet light rays, the lenses will reveal a slight purple hue that shows the amount of blue-violet light being reflected away from your eyes.

Crizal Sapphire 360˚ UV

Crizal Sapphire 360˚ UV lenses deliver superior clarity and transparency so you can stay focused no matter what you’re doing. These anti-reflective lenses come with Multi-Angular Technology™, which helps reduce reflections and glare from all directions, providing better aesthetics, enhanced UV protection, and safer nighttime driving

Transition Signature VII Lenses

Introducing Transition Signature VII lenses that offer a more extraordinary way to see the world around you. Transition technology has greatly improved over the years by offering significantly darker lenses in outdoor conditions while still maintaining indoor clarity. These improved lenses are more reactive to indirect sunlight and more quickly return to clear than styles in the past. Transition Signature VII lenses are integrated with Chromea7 Technology that offers color variations as the lenses tint by constantly changing with the light around you.

Blue Light Protective Lenses

In today’s digital world, we are bombarded by harmful blue light from both natural and man-made sources. Blue-violet light is emitted from electronics, high-energy light bulbs, and particularly the sun.

This specific visible light reaches deeper into your eye and its effect can cause damage to your retina. Studies suggest that, over time, exposure to the blue-violet end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes as well as hasten the development of macular degeneration.

Our eyes need light for color perception, clarity, and sharpness of vision. However, some wavelengths of blue light can be harmful to your eye health and vision. Blue-turquoise light, naturally produced by the sun, allows the right functioning of the sleep/wake cycle, memory, and cognitive performance. This type of blue light, located within the lighter section of the color spectrum, is beneficial in preserving color perception. Blue-violet light is part of visible light and close to UV on the light spectrum which over time becomes harmful and damaging to your eyes.

​​​​​​​With blue light protective lenses, you greatly reduce the amount of blue-violet light entering the eyes. This lens will generate higher screen contrast by reducing screen brightness and eye fatigue to provide a strain-free visual experience while providing the most complete protection.

Eyezen Lens Technology

Eyezen lenses are designed to protect your eyes and reduce the eye strain from time spent looking at electronic devices. Eyezen lenses are specially enhanced with magnification in the lower portion of the lens to help alleviate eyestrain by helping you see comfortably regardless of device sizes and the distances you hold them. Eyezen lenses also filter up to 20% of harmful blue-violet light rays. These lenses let beneficial blue-turquoise light pass through while deflecting a significant amount of the dangerous blue-violet light.

Shamir Computer

For those focused on immediate surroundings.

​​​​​​​When focusing on a computer and its near surroundings is a top priority, Shamir Computer, an advanced Freeform lens, provides a wide field of near viewing with clear vision up to 5ft. – a far greater depth of field than that offered by conventional reading lenses.

Shamir Computer is ideal for those patients working on a computer throughout the day, especially those working with multiple monitors. It is important to understand that Shamir Computer serves other occupations as well because it provides a clear vision for any task performed within 5ft.

Shamir WorkSpace

Sharp focus for dynamic workers.

Shamir WorkSpace is the best solution when priority focus is both mid-distance and near viewing. Offering a greater depth of field, up to 10ft., this advanced and highly sophisticated Freeform lens design, allows movement within the workspace and sharp vision whether the required focus is on the desk or a colleague across the room.

​​​​​​​If working on near tasks and interacting with employees or presenting to groups fall within the patients daily tasks, Shamir WorkSpace is the ideal solution. It is also the best occupational solution for those who are actively moving around their workplace throughout the day, providing clarity for those tasks performed within 10ft.

Schedule an appointment today and ask your doctor which lens options would be most beneficial to you in your daily life.

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